Amazing Appetizer Displays

All Wrapped Up Appetizer Display
Tasty wraps of ham & cheese wrapped dill pickles, corned beef & cream cheese wrapped green onions, smoked turkey & cream cheese wrapped fresh asparagus, prosciutto wrapped red apple slices, Italian capicola wrapped mozzarella cheese sticks and hard salami wrapped cheddar cheese sticks    
Price per Person      $5.25

Canapé Collection
An assortment of open face sandwiches to include cucumber canapés, sirloin beef & horsie cream canapés, feta-tomato canapés, herb Boursin & bell  pepper canapés, crab-chive canapés, Asiago cream  canapés and smoked salmon canapés    
Price per Person     $4.75

Chef Carved Bacon Slabs
Carved on site slabs of flavored bacon, including
Raspberry-Dijon, Maple-whiskey and Sweet Teriyaki
served with petite rolls   
Price per Person     $4.25

Festive Luau Display Pineapple
Palm tree display surrounded by fresh fruits and  served with citrus yogurt dip    
Price per Person     $4.00

Mr. and Mrs. Dill's Pickle Bar
A display of jars and glassware filled with sweet, savory, dill, sour and other pickles, olives and pickled vegetables     
Price per Person     $3.25

Our Famous Fruit & Cheese Mountain Centerpiece
Freshest of fresh fruits displayed in mountain form and surrounded by additional fresh fruits and a variety of cubed cheeses. Served with a variety of crackers     
Price per Person     $4.55
(Minimum of 100 guests to create this centerpiece)

The Bacon Feast
All things wrapped in bacon and displayed on eye catching griddles. Bacon wrapped appetizers include: Water chestnuts, dates, Brussels sprouts, pineapple, teriyaki chicken bites, asparagus (seasonal), shrimp, apricots, cocktail franks and scallops    
Price per Person     $8.00

​The Grazin' Station
The Biggest trend in Wedding Catering right now! A table filled with cheese wheels, cheese dips, cubed cheeses, Charcuterie selections, pickled olives and vegetables, fresh fruits, mustards, chutneys, fresh vegetables, pate', spreads and savory cheesecakes, crusty breads, pretzel balls, crackers, petite croissants and more!    
Price per Person     $5.00

Tropical Bacon Wrap Feast
A smaller version of our Bacon Feast featuring the tropical side of our bacon wraps. Bacon wraps including: Water chestnuts, pineapple, apricots and dates     
Price per Person     $4.00

Vegetable Pate' Display
A display of housemade pate' including sweet carrot, spinach-kale, asparagus, sweet baby pepper and tomato served with vegetable dippers, crackers and crusty bread slices    
Price per Person     $3.50

West Michigan Traditional Appetizer Feast
All of our areas favorites!! Homemade BBQ meatballs, Bourbon BBQ cocktail franks, deviled eggs, fresh vegetables with ranch dip and cubed cheese with crackers    
Price per Person     $5.75