Cold Drinks include cups, napkins, ice, garnishment and standard punch bowl or glass beverage jars

Hot Drinks include Styrofoam cups and appropriate condiments

Chilled Apple Cider
Price per gallon     $11.00

Coffee Station 40 cups of Regular or Decaf Coffee
Served with creamer, sugar and equal     $45.00

Coffee Station 80 cups of Regular or Decaf  Coffee
Served with creamer, sugar and equal      $80.00

Hot Apple Cider
Priced per 40 cup unit     $50.00

Hot Cocoa
Served with whipped cream and mini marshmallows     
Priced per 40 cup unit     $60.00

Hot Tea
Hot water and assorted teas, includes condiments
Priced per 40 cup unit     $50.00

Infused Water
Your choice of flavors:
Minted Lemon, Citrus, Berry, Cucumber-Mint or Tropical
Priced per gallon     $11.00
Your choice of:
Traditional, Strawberry, Tropical-Orange, Blue Raspberry or Mango
Priced per gallon     $11.00

Old Fashioned Towne Club Sodas
An assortment of chilled flavors
Price per person     $1.25

Punch Bowls
Your choice of Flavors:
Sparkling White, Citrus Orange, Strawberry-Mango, Tropical Fruit, Cranberry-Orange or Mango-pineapple
Priced per gallon     $11.00