Deli Style Buffets
Includes Special Occasion Standard Service Level

 Special Occasion Standard Service Level
*Prestige plastic plates and Reflection Place cutlery
*High quality paper dinner napkins
*Linens for the buffet tables
*Service Staff and an On Site Service Manager
*Complimentary dessert cutting with disposable plates and forks
*Containers for remaining food items and packaging of these items
*All necessary serving pieces and equipment
*Breads/Butter and Salad, if selected, served   at the buffet

Deli Style Buffets
*Cold sliced smoked turkey breast
*Medium rare roasted beef
*Smoked ham
*A bowl of our cranberry chicken salad
*Cheese slices, lettuce, tomato and condiments
*Assorted fresh baked breads, rolls and croissants
*Choice of Three Side Dish Selections
Price per person     $9.75