Dips and Dunks

Chicken Liver Pate‘
House made chicken liver pate' served with sliced rye bread and crackers    
Price per Person     $1.50

Chilled Kebobette Display
A display of caprese, fruit, cheese, antipasta and cheese-tortellini kebobettes     
Price per Person     $4.75

Chorizo Bean Dip
Warm blend of chorizo, refried beans, green onions and fiesta cheese served with crispy tortilla chips
Price per Person     $1.75

Cowboy Caviar
Fresh made cowboy caviar surrounded by crispy tortilla chips and fresh pepper strips for dipping 
Price per Person     $1.75

Crab-Swiss Dip
A warm dip of crab, Swiss cheese and seasonings. Served with bagel chips
Price per Person     $2.00

Dips from the Waters
House made smoked whitefish dip, crabmeat dip and salmon dip served with crackers and crusty bread slices    
Price per Person     $3.00

Fiesta Layer Dip
Layers of lettuce, tomato, Fiesta beans, diced tomato, sour cream, salsa and sliced black olives served with crispy tortilla chips   
Price per Person     $2.00

Five Cheese Fondue
Warm dip featuring five cheeses in the recipe and fresh seasonings. Served with bite size pretzel balls    
Price per Person     $1.75

French Cheese Dippers
Crocks of Brie & raspberry cheese spread and Herb Boursin spread served alongside clusters of fresh grapes, sliced French baguette bread and petite croissants    
Price per Person     $3.50

Fresh Vegetables with Dips
An assortment of fresh raw vegetables served with ranch and dill dips    
Price per Person     $1.75

Fruit and Cheese Dips
Chilled Gorgonzola dip, Brie cheese dip and white cheddar dip served with sliced apples, pears, grapes, berries and other seasonal fruit selections. Crackers are also included     
Price per Person     $3.00

Old Fashioned Dried Beef Dip
Made the old fashioned way! Served with crackers    
Price per Person     $1.50 

Grilled Asian Dippers
A heated grill stocked with grilled baby carrots, baby corn, zucchini sticks, pepper strips, snap peas and water chestnuts, ready to be dipped in warm teriyaki-sesame sauce     
Price per Person     $3.50

Guacamole Bar
Fresh made guacamole with side dish toppings of diced cilantro, sliced black olives, chopped red onion, diced tomatoes, shredded fiesta cheese and sliced jalapeno peppers. Served with plentiful amounts of crispy tortilla chips    
Price per Person     $3.25

Hot Onion & Leek Dip
Caramelized onions, cream cheese, cheeses, sliced leeks and seasonings make up this warm dip. Served with pretzel balls    
Price per Person     $1.75

Hummus Feast
Traditional hummus, asparagus hummus, sweet potato hummus and sweet corn hummus served with fresh vegetable dippers and crispy pita chips     
Price per Person     $3.50

Pepperoni Pizza Dip
Warm pepperoni pizza dip includes a mixture of cheeses, pepperoni and diced peppers served with breadstick bites  
 Price per Person     $1.75

 Rueben Dip
A warm dip made up of cream cheese, corned beef, kraut and tomato served with sliced rye bread and crackers    
Price per Person     $2.00

Salsa Station
Traditional salsa, salsa verde and pico served with plenty of crispy tortilla chips    
Price per Person     $2.00

Savory Dunkin' Donut Display
Warm dipping sauces of basil-tomato, pesto-alfredo, queso, white cheddar and tomato-parmesan with savory donut balls for dipping. Donut balls include cheddar, parmesan, Romano-chive and Asiago. A fun and interactive station!    
Price per Person     $5.75

Spinach-Artichoke Fondue
A house favorite!! Fresh spinach, seasoned artichokes, seasonings and cheeses make up this warm dip. Served with crusty bread slices    
Price per Person      $1.75

Spinach-Caprese Dip
A warm dip of cheeses, spinach, diced tomato and basil served with crusty bread slices    
Price per Person      $1.75

Warm Asiago Garden Dip with Garden Dippers
Asiago cheese based dip mixed with diced vegetables. Served with crunchy dippers of baby carrots, fresh asparagus (in season), green onions, celery sticks and cauliflower    
Price per Person     $2.25

Warm Gyro Dip
Diced gyro meat, seasonings, feta cheese and green onion are the main ingredients for this popular dip. Served with seasoned pita chips    
Price per Person     $2.25