Late Night Snacks
Available with any buffet, sit down or family style dinner
Minimum of 75 guests on all late night snack buffets

Concession Stand Style Nacho Bar
Plastic concession nacho containers ready to be filled with nachos and topped with warm cheddar cheese sauce, diced tomatoes, sliced black olives, sour cream, salsa, chives and jalapeno pepper slices
Price per Person     $4.50

Late Night Hot Dogs!
All beef hot dogs with all the toppings including Coney island sauce, warm cheese sauce, ketchup, mustard, dill shreddies, sweet relish, diced onion and jalapeno pepper slices served on poppy seed buns from our Famous Weenie Wagon
Priced per 200 hot dogs per unit     $525.00

Late Night Irish Nacho Bar
Tater Tots ready to be topped with warm cheddar sauce, seasoned taco beef, chives, sour cream, black olive slices, salsa, bacon pieces and more!
Price per Person     $4.25 
Moonlight Macaroni & Cheese Bar
Elbow macaroni ready to be topped with cheddar cheese sauce, parmesan sauce and toppers
Price per Person     $6.00

Pop Corn Bar
Pop Corn popped on site with warm melted butter and assorted salts
Price per Person     $4.00

Sunset Sliders
Fresh slider rolls ready to be filled with shredded BBQ Pork, teriyaki shredded beef and Fiesta diced chicken. Includes toppings of dill shreddies, diced onions, fried onion pieces, fried pepper pieces, Asian slaw and salsa
Price per Person     $4.50